Bar - Ristorante
Baia di Sorgeto
TEL. 081.907837
The island of Ischia is situated in the gulf of Naples, it is reached only with maritime means that have been employing for the 40 minutes around (hydroplane) to 1 hour (ship ferry) from the Port in
Naples (Mergellina, Beverello) and Pozzuoli. Once arrived on the island the bay of Sorgeto it was attainable with Bus that employs around 30 minutes. Ideal place for the one who loves to spend serene days in complete relax, the bay of Sorgeto is famous all over the world for his famous “warm waters.” The access in the bay is given by an ample staircase that counts 214 steps, but it is possible to also reach Sorgeto by sea thanks to the taxi boats that well they connect it to the near Port of S. Angelo.