Bay of Sorgeto
A forced halting-place in the fraction Panza of the commune of Forio is the bay of Sorgeto, one of the most enchanting and suggestive places of the island of Ischia.
Set among two promontories, the inlet offers a show of rare beauty to the look, absorbed as it is in a scenery natural wild and, to lines, hostile.
The access in the bay is given by an ample staircase that counts 214 steps, but it is possible to also reach Sorgeto by sea with the taxi boats that well connect it to the near Port of S. Angelo.
Ideal place for who loves to spend serene days in complete relax, the bay of Sorgeto is famous in the world for his famous “warm waters.” Different thermal veins flow in fact along the whole bay, but it is from an only source that
water always gushes out with impetus and in abundance. The source, that escapes from the feet of the coastline to a constant temperature of 90°c,
immediately mixes it with the salty water of the sea and they is formed in this way natural tubs of different gradation, warmer in proximity of the shore and more lukewarm as soon as from the shore it gets further us. Today it is a great diffused accord opinion that the name “Sorgeto” derive from the present thermal sources in the bay. Others, sustain instead that the etymology is to seek in “Salicetum”, Latin name for willows, that is place planted to willows.
Tubs of thermal water
During the ‘500 the Calabrian physician G. Jasolino for first examined all the termo-mineral waters that appear on the surface on the island to study its varied curative effects. Speaking of Sorgeto, Jasolino judged the warm tide “beneficial to the gouts, to the frigidity and the sterility.”
Thermal waters to 90°
Who, however, is bathed in the “warm sea” of Sorgeto with a certain constancy, it is ready to swear to have drawn benefit from illnesses what rheumatisms, from affections cutaneous type psoriasi, from muscular pains and so many other forms of smaller illness. Also the myth has tried to give an explanation to the “beneficent heat” of the waters from Ischia.
To such intention it is narrated in fact that Tifeo, rebelled him to Jupiter, had been from this last chained under the Epomeo.
Venus, moved by the pain of the giant, gone down for comforting him with her love granting him that the “his sufferings went to everything benefit of the painful humanity”.
Particular importance is also to attribute to the aesthetical cares that are practised in Sorgeto. Scratching in fact on the “tufo” stones shed for the bay, it draws some raw mud to smear on the face and on the body that allows then to slowly dry from the warm rays of the sun. Natural mud and thermal water contribute together to purify the skin making it smoother and shining. For his healthy characteristics, Sorgeto is frequented above all in the daytime from elderly.
Mask of natural mud
At night however the scene changes: couples of young persons in love dip they the hot tears of Tifeo to spend, accomplice the moon, romantic unforgettable evenings.
The Restaurant in the evening
Alive the testimony of the volcanic past of the island of Ischia , the bay of Sorgeto also has recently purchase an archaeological renown. On the highest point called Punta Chiarito have been discovered rests of an ancient settlement of the creek. This fact confirm the assumption that Ischia is one of the early greek colonies.
Still distant from the circuits of the tourism of mass and stranger to the more, the bay of Sorgeto is a small heaven in miniature, an
unique oasis in the world and it is certainly one of the few places on the island where possible to free enjoy some thermal baths in the beach. Sorgeto: Sorgeto is the best example to relax in an intelligent way